SM&A Associated Chartered Accountants firm has over 50 years of activity: founded in Rome by Francesco Sommaruga in 1966, followed a few years later by Sergio Matrone, we have specialised over time into tax and corporate consultancy.

Francesco Sommaruga and Sergio Matrone, friends since the time they attended together the Massimiliano Massimo high school and also university, were among the first chartered accountants registered in the professional accounting association of Certified Public Accountants, Auditors and Advisors. Among the first to understand the potential and advantages offered by the professional association in terms of efficiency and completeness in customer service, they have expanded their professional study to include additional professional resources.

Thanks to the Swiss citizenship of Francesco Sommaruga, the firm has developed important relationships with businesses and individuals domiciled in Italy since the 1970s, with Italian entrepreneurs promoting new initiatives abroad and with multinational companies. One of the reference tax specialists of the Swiss Embassy is still part of the firm today.

Investments in technological infrastructure are a priority of the firm. Over the years, internal procedures have been developed, supported by the most advanced technologies, in order to ensure efficient internal control and operating systems.

The excellent reputation of the two honorary partners has been confirmed over the years by the current partners of SM&A:  Francesco M. Matrone, Alfonso Buonpensiere, Pierpaolo Lanzoni, Alessandra Matrone and Francesca Pierleoni all with over twenty years of experience in corporate, financial and tax assistance.